Vohringer as a related company of the group, manufactures 10 series and over 100 patterns of reinforced flooring. Its X-series was marketed as a special sales category, where series 1 to 9 are in the ordinary category, including general standard timber as well as Zhenmu thickening flooring.

All the series pattern came from the global big four top pattern designer company Schattdecor, Suddekor, Lamigraf and IP, with clear lines and genuine colour, level 7 and above anti-UV capabililty, formaldehyde emission attained grade-0 corporate standard. Apart from reinforced wooden flooring series, Vohringer also has several series of integrated kitchen and systematic furniture; multi-layer composite solid wood series – combining the steadiness of solid wood composite and reinforced flooring with the artistic feature of solid wood flooring, being environmentally friendly with high value to price ratio, being the choice of the market; solid wood reinforced and composite series; tri-layer solid wood pseudo-classic series – tune of the ancient wood, relique of the history; multi-layer solid wood pseudo-classic series – ancient relique and tune of the wood, fragrance retention at your figure-tip, perfect match between quality and tradition; tri-layer solid wood composite special size series – fashionable plate, new solid wood composite; tri-layer solid wood series – the original enjoyment of solid wood, being the choice of natural, healthy and fashionable products.