Integrity is the basic requirement imposed on businesses by the market economy. NDG views integrity as the foundation for development and a source of credibility. NDG adopts an omni-directional approach to integrity. Company, managers and employees are all required to strive for integrity and honesty. Integrity is primarily manifested in standard code of conduct and business ethics.
Uphold compliance to business regulations and taxation law. Continuously improving product and service quality and strive for customer satisfaction. Adapt to rules of market economy, uphold integrity and honesty while duly perform under contracts, deliver promises and ensure appropriate profit for our partners. Ensure the truthfulness of public disclosure while steadily grow the trustworthy, reliable and responsible reputation of a large organization.
Innovation is the source of vitality and continuous growth of an organization. The fundamental needs of innovation lie in manifesting epochal character, grasp ing regularity and be rich of creativity. We are striving to improve innovation of the group omni-directionally in accordance with the “development requires new thinking, revolution requires new overcoming, opening-up requires new position and every task requires new approach” policy requirements.
Learning is the foundation of innovation. The group is striving to form a learning-organization, advocate all staff life-time learning, encouraging employees to continuously learn business knowledge, improving in all respects, and treat leaning as the primary means of improving both corporate and employee personal value. Vigorously advocate and adopt effective approaches to create a learning friendly team atmosphere, achieving information sharing, experience sharing, skills sharing and knowledge sharing. Striving to shape the group into an internationally competitive multinational conglomerate by being a leader in its primary business sector with increased number of owned intellectual property and famous brands and.
Performance is the ultimate result of the business operations of an organization, the most important measure of organizational development and a key measure for assessing employer and employee contribution. Each employee’s individual performance together forms the basis of corporate performance, the group views performance as the joint means of manifesting corporate social value and improving corporate value and realizing employee’s individual value.
Proactively advocating positive moral for employees and striving for excellence. The achievement of excellent performance is the everlasting goal and sacred mission of the group, manifesting the strength and solidity of the group with excellent performance, and leveraging on this strength and solidity to create better performance in a competitive market, to serve our country, contribute to our society and compensate our employees.
Harmony is the warranty for the normal and sustainable operation of the group. Internal harmony creates the vitality and drive for development, and external harmony provides for decent environment for living and development. Internally advocate for harmonized interpersonal relationship, create a harmonized and friendly working atmosphere, formed a scientific human resource management system so that any competent and career driven individual can utilize their specialty at work and achieve self-realisation.
Externally, the group adopts the value of rational competition and mutual success in managing competitor relationships and creating a harmonized environment for development. Participate in community and charity activities as feasible, radiate and drive the development of local economy and culture, establish a decent reputation for the group.